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Anthology’s Step-by-Step Selling Process

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01 – Property Preparation

We will discuss in detail what preparations will garner the largest return when you sell your home. Please think of any questions you may have and we’ll address them all! We will make recommendations on potential improvements and send a recap list. We will also discuss pre-sale inspections, staging, painting, landscaping and more. We will also provide a seller’s estimated closing statement to help you strategize what your return on investment(s) might look like, to inform your preparation decisions.

02 – Your Market Overview

It’s crucial to understand the market your home will trade in, how it moves, who your buyer is and what pricing trends look like. We’ll offer market projections for your proposed timeline and help strategize the sale accordingly.


03 – Our Marketing Plan

We get the highest possible price for our clients by making sure their home is seen by the largest possible pool of qualified buyers and agents. We’ll share strategy on who we market to and which avenues of advertisement have proved the most effective and lucrative. This includes professional photography, social media and extensive industry marketing.

04 – Pricing

There are many pricing strategies to employ when selling your home that are all directly relevant to the time the property spends on the market. We will introduce and discuss the merits of each to help you choose the pricing plan that is most comfortable to you, as well as suggest the one that is likely to elicit the highest possible price.


05 – Timeline

We would like to understand and devise your ideal timeline for sale and purchase, which will help us coordinate preparation efforts, identify appropriate pricing strategy and steer the whole process for you most effectively.


Our Commitment to You

There are endless moving parts and communications to maintain when you buy and sell property and each team member is trained to know and pre-empt where hang-ups may occur. We are here to navigate it all for you as your full-service concierge, to make sure your experience is one you cannot stop talking about, prior to, during and post sale. We are your realtors for life, forever on retainer! Please do not hesitate to communicate any and all needs, questions or concerns.

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We are here to answer any and all of your real estate and business questions, discuss concerns and create strategies to achieve your goals.