Anthology’s Step-by-Step Buying Process

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01— Location is Everything

We will identify the areas you are most excited about and discuss additional opportunities or neighborhoods. Rossmoor is a unique community; we’ll talk about what you need to know regarding homeownership in this specific area.

02— Communication is Just as Important

Please share with us your preferred methods of contact. The East Bay market is a quick one, so we have recommended methods of contact as well, to make sure we don’t miss any opportunities!

03— Funding the Purchase

No time is too soon to sit down with a lender to determine the max loan amount you are approved for (even if you choose to spend less.) With your consent, we correspond with your lender directly to create a purchase plan that is competitive and effective.


04— Searching for ‘The One’

Critical to our success finding your dream home is a clear understanding of your wants and desires. With an all-hands-on-deck approach, our team conducts an exhaustive search in your target areas to understand and see all possible options. Rossmoor has many different property types; we will discuss the statistics on how these varying property types are trading in the current market.

05— Make An Offer

We position you to be the most competitive possible in many ways other than just purchase price. Using years of expertise and industry connection, we strategize and negotiate on your behalf to get you the strongest deal possible.

06— Open Escrow

Lender will work on getting your loan approved, while we coordinate the rest.


07— Inspection

Home inspections will be conducted by professional inspectors. You will receive a list of repairs that may or may not need to be addressed.

08— Appraisal

Professional home appraiser will determine the value of the home.

09— Request for Repairs

Inspection may reveal repairs that incur more costs. We will discuss your options here.


10— Contingency Removal

We will discuss the pros and cons of having and removing contingencies during the purchase process.

11— Final Walk-Through

Walk through the property with your Realtor to ensure that It is in the same condition and repairs have been made

12— Close of Escrow

You officially own your new home and we help you with every aspect you need, from service providers, moving companies, great restaurants, nearby neighbors and more! We’re here to serve you and make the experience enjoyable and seamles

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